Red Cedar Shakes
Along with wood shingles, shakes are the original NW product.
All of our red cedar is cut from true old growth trees with tight vertical grain.  Many homes in the area were built with this type of roofing in mind, and a new shake roof can really maximize their aesthetic potential.
KJR Roofing Products
We take pride in our ability to expertly install a wide range of roofing materials. All of the products we offer are from trusted brands and we are sure to provide you with a material that will satisfy all of your criteria.

We provide a variety of products including:
A sturdy long-lasting roofing system which is becoming quite popular as more and more architecture moves towards an industrial look where clean lines and material use is emphasized.  Metal comes in a wide range of colors and can be used on roofs with low pitch.  Metal shingles are also being perfected, and now homeowners can get believable imitations of traditional products such as slate, cedar, and tile at either a lower price or with the longer life of metal.
Time-tested and reliable, composite roofing is the most cost effective product on the market.  With a plethora of styles and colors, a desired look can be achieved nearly every time.   
Shingles range in denotation from 30-year to lifetime, and many looks can be achieved through the differing cuts of the shingles and the differing thicknesses.  
KJR Roofing almost exclusively uses shingles from the manufacturer CertainTeed which always rank highly by testing services (Consumer Reports, etc.)
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